Continuing to draw gas masks, aiming for a world without gas masks.
I hope to share social issues with the world through the "Gas Mask Challenge"

Nice to meet you!
I'm Kazuma Ono, a crypto artist.

I would like to share with you my thoughts on this project, however briefly.

I started this project for the sake of my own children.
Especially in the last few years, the problems in the world have become more and more apparent, and I became concerned about the future of my own children, which was the trigger.

I draw a lot of characters with gas masks to share world problems such as viruses, climate change and human rights.
I also believe that by using NFT, I can continue to share this problems with the world in a more diffuse and lasting way.

I believe that the gas masks will be recognized around the world as a positive icon and a bright hope for the future of our children.
I hope this is of interest to you!


2021/7/7 Project start

2021/8/18 Collection start

2021/10/7 100 gas mask works reached

2021/10/21 No.1~100 Collage Art Auction Sale

2021/1/15 200 gas mask works reached

2021/2/15 Start selling all works


Kazuma Ono

Crypto Artist (2021/3~)


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